What to do with your old 401(k)

Huzzah! You have a new job! Then your former employer sends you a letter asking if you want to move the money out of your old 401(k). What are your options and which is the right one for you? First, … Read More

‘Tis the Season for Scams

We’re heading into the holiday season and that means more people will be trying to trick you into giving them money or even better, your personal information. How’s that for some holiday cheer? Recently I was scrolling through my Twitter … Read More

We’re OPEN

Earlier this morning I received an email from my state regulator letting me know that I am now registered in the State of Texas. So as of today we’re open for business! If you want to schedule a call with … Read More

Work With Us

Financial Planning is an in-depth technical process, a process which doesn’t matter unless your goals, aspirations, and relationship with money are known first. We work through a process of getting to know you so that the steps we take in … Read More

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