30 Minute Meeting

Select a date and time below that works for you to meet with us. You’ll receive an email confirmation right away with details about how we’ll meet. This meeting will take place on Zoom with the link that is emailed … Read More

Different Styles of Budgeting

Everyone has a budget. Most people just don’t know what their budget is. Finding the budgeting system that works best for you is the first step. Some people needlessly struggle while trying to implement another person’s budget system. So let’s … Read More

2020 Retrospective, Planning for 2021

I’ll try not to make this another one of “those” articles that’s simply complaining about the year we’ve had or offering platitudes, but it’s hard not to vent a little. This has been a difficult year for a multitude of … Read More

What to do with Sudden Money

  In the coming days and weeks many Americans are expecting stimulus checks if they haven’t already been direct deposited. If you want to know how much you can expect, here’s a good resource for determining what you will be eligible … Read More

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