2019 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m often asked for suggestions of gifts for many different people in my life. Since I enjoy perusing gift guides, I decided to create my own short gift guide as well as a guide to other gift guides. I mention … Read More

Welcome Family Gamers Fans

  Ever try to play a game without learning the rules? Then why go through life without understanding how the tax code interacts with your investments which interacts with your retirement goals which interacts with your budget which interacts with … Read More

Planning for College

Planning for your kids to go to college has always been tricky. In order to save enough to pay for college without relying on current earnings or going too far into debt means starting early, maybe even when your child … Read More

Dice Tower Con 2019

At nearly the last minute this year I was offered a free place to stay during Dice Tower Con, and I simply couldn’t pass up the invitation. Beyond having always wanted to go, I also wanted to continue building connections … Read More

How to Adjust your Tax Withholding

Happy Tax Day I hope you’ve already finished filing your taxes, but if not you have a few more hours before you will need to file an extension (as on the date this was posted). Either way, while you’re already … Read More

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